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Square Set Metals Recruiting will match your experience with the needs of multiple companies in order to determine if you are a good fit.

Why Choose Square Set Metals?

Specializing solely within the Steel and Metals Industry, Square Set Metals works closely with Client and Candidate in order to give both parties the best chance of a good hire in the job placement process. We realize the true cost of a mis-hire and how it affects not only the Client, but the Candidate too. On one hand a Client may end up paying 2 to 5 times an employee’s salary for a mis-hire, and on the other hand the Candidate may have uprooted their Family and purchased a new home which they bought as a result of relocating for the opportunity. Square Set Metals prides itself on not only complete transparency at all times, but clear and concise communication between both Candidate and Client to ensure that all of your needs are being met in order to minimize the costs associated with a mis-hire while  maximizing the chance for personal and professional growth. From service centers to distribution centers, rolling mills to melt shops and more, Square Set Metals is the metal  headhunter that wants to help you find the right career.

Benefit to You

Square Set Metals works with every Candidate, during every step of the interview process, in order to increase the likelihood of an offer. We help with resume building, preparation for and debriefing after interviews as well as helping you to understand the contract, salary and benefits you will be receiving. In essence, the Candidate can be assured that they will have help and guidance through every step of the interview and hiring process. Our goal as your advocate is to work with you and present you in the best light possible in order to not only increase the chances of a job offer, but ensure a successful union between Candidate and Employer in the metals industry.

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