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President Chris Rosenthal and Team bring a uniquely client-centric, resourceful, and relentless approach to getting the job done right.  Chris goes above-and-beyond to understand the needs of the Hiring Manager, Team, and Organization in order to make the process highly personalized and effective.  He and his team will find you the ideal Candidate in a timely and efficient manner, the first-time around.  His personable approach makes the process one you can feel confident in and actually enjoy.

The Benefit to You

You’re busy.  You’ve got a job to do.  You don’t need to spend your time educating a Recruiter or New Hire about your product or industry during the talent acquisition process.  When you partner with Square Set Metals you never have to spend your valuable time here.  We find, evaluate, and present ONLY the most Highly-Qualified, Top-Performing Candidates who will benefit your Team and be a Cultural Fit.

The Result

Your Team is STRONGER, your job is EASIER, and your POTENTIAL FOR SUCCESS is even greater.

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